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Glad you're here

My name is Dana and I do a lot of things.

Every day I am a graphic designer and throughout my life I also create, paint, write.

In recent years, my work has been called "Healing Inspiration."
In 2001 I lived in the United States, studied computer science at Northridge University and worked as a programmer at a high-tech startup company.

I came from the world of art and photography and got to study while working as a designer
Talented in the US and since then a world has opened up to me to which I have devoted a lot of learning and love
I draw inspiration from so many things but mostly from the tranquility, nature and deep contemplation of people
I love working with people who care about work and the road
Welcome to contact us  Or at 0528206010

+ 972-528-206010

If you are interested in to view my graphic work click here

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